Ashley Herndon

Ashley Herndon is President of People Resources, and a co-founder of Crossbow Group, Inc. He holds a BS in Urban Life from Georgia State University and has been in the sales business since he left college. He brings over 46 years of retail, wholesale, and C Level sales and management experience to this book. He started his sales career at automobile dealerships in Georgia and Florida where as he intones, he worked his way down from Sales Management to sales…Thankfully. He has had the one on one experience of consumer sales as well as the one on one of corporate C level sales and executive experience. He is still active daily in selling to both individuals and corporations.

Once he moved out of the retail arena, Ashley was fortunate to start as a Field Representative and move through all field and regional level positions to Director of Training for both internal as well as client sales and management teams in both the U.S and Canada. From that experience fortune shined and he became a leading Vice President of the 13 Western States winning sales and profit awards for the largest independent service contract company in the U.S. He is a recognized speaker at local, State, and National automotive conferences.

He has written several texts and delivered seminars for local, State, and National organizations for their use with their house and agent sales forces. The Consumer Credit Insurance Association deemed his work “The Principles of Success”, the most effective Finance and Insurance Training program.

Companies including both American and Import vehicle manufacturers and dealers, as well as insurance companies, and credit unions using the procedures in “I’m Selling Hard But They Ain’t Buying Easy” have experienced increases in profits of 25%.

He remains active in these arenas, while developing several innovative solutions and products sold into the vehicle anti theft and vehicle finance businesses to reduce losses and mitigate risks. These products are used nationally by both consumers and businesses. During this period he has served on the board of two associations, the NAF and the PATA, of which he was a co-founder..

Ashley hopes that bringing his learning experiences as a salesman, manager and trainer to today’s Professional Selling Community in “I’m Selling Hard But They Ain’t Buying Easy” the readers will gain at least one concept that will help them grow and multiply their earnings and life fulfillment. His motto is “Stay Up and Stay On Top”

It Works…If You Work It!

Good Luck and Good Selling