I'm Selling Hard But Folks Ain't Buying Easy

By Ashley Herndon

A Sure Fire Way to:
Sell More…Be More…Earn More

Ashley D. Herndon

President of People Resources

Ashley’s Motto:
Stay Up and Stay On Top

The Winning Sales Process…

Be Ready TO SELL When the Prospect is Ready TO BUY

Total Success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal which is realized for the benefit of others…rather than at their expense. It is the process of learning, sharing and growing.

Historically in the selling business we have been accused of only seeing what we could get out of somebody or how far we could ‘bury’ them. Those thoughts were generated by out of control greed or lust for only material wealth. “I’m Selling Hard….” Is based on the double win concept: “If I help you with your needs…I also win”

I firmly believe Total Success equates to happiness and is associated more with the experience of the journey rather than the fleeting moment of recognition. I sincerely hope this bit of ‘factual altruism’ helps the reader increase Learning and Earning.

Sales Opportunities and Sales Skills should match. Otherwise we sales people just make a bunch of excuses why the sale did not close, blaming it on 3rd parties without looking at our contribution to the ‘no sale’.

Sales Honesty should be by default. “I’m Selling Hard But Folks Ain’t Buying Easy” is for the Honest sales people wanting to improve. It comes from using ‘Sales Procedure’…The Principles of Success. ‘Sales Procedure’s’ formal format is a 4 day course used by 1,000’s over the years. It has been presented to large and small groups, corporations, vehicle manufacturers, banks, CUNA, credit unions, auto dealerships and the educational environment.

‘Sales Procedure’ works for the new or experienced sales person in developing good habits. “I’m Selling Hard…” is based on the concept of “Sell Don’t Tell” as well as the suggestion every sales person needs to develop; how to use the strongest word in the sales person’s vocabulary…that word is “WHY” and the phrase “Why do you say that?”

Over the decades this material has helped 1,000’s of sales people develop good habits and increase their closing percentages and income. I don’t know about yours, but my family enjoys more money. Selling is your Vocation and should be your Avocation. I don’t know about you, but I prefer easy over hard. Procedure makes selling easy.

“I’m Selling Hard…” is for the sales people who want to improve. But, I need to warn you, if you follow ‘Procedure’, you will not be average, you will earn more honest dollars. It will be easier for both the prospect and the sales person. Now doesn’t that make sense! If so…this book is for you.

Over the decades I have been blessed by getting to know and meet many super sales people. J. Douglas Edwards, my personal hero Mr. Zig Ziglar, Dave Yoho and others. “I’m Selling Hard…” is a personal project developed through years of personal ups and some not so ups. One thing for certain…Sales Procedure works in both the retail and the B2B arenas.

Think about it…a 25% increase in commissionable profit. That is worth the effort, especially since it makes the sales job EASY. Maybe I should change the title to “How to Make More Money Easily”. It just takes following the steps, every sale every day. Learn how to “Stay Up and Stay On Top”.

I asked Hall of Fame Coach, Paul ‘Bear’ Bryant the question; what made you so great? He replied, “it takes every man every play, doing what they have been taught (coached) to do”. I asked “How”? The Bear said, “I have a plan, I have a plan for everything that can happen in a game”. This is what “I’m Selling Hard…” is all about…Winning the Sale…with a plan.

Coach also said, “I’m not a good coach anymore, coaching is teaching…my assistants do the teaching, but I know How To Win. I have been at it so long I know what it takes to win. I have seen everything that can happen, so I have a plan for winning. He smiled and said, “I Ain’t Nothing But a Winner”! I agree, he was that and more.

If you too want to be a winner…follow the Procedure processes…They are Proven and They Work. We have used them winningly in every sales arena.

If you want it bad enough…You can join the ‘Nothing But A Winner Club’.
I hope you enjoy the read.

Good Luck and Good Selling,
Ashley Herndon


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